All Star Wings and Ribs – Vaughan

Address: 3130 Rutherford Road

Tel: 289-304-9969

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Grab a pitcher of beer and some appetizers to start. Look through their extensive wing menu and pick a few flavours and share with your friends! Want some wings that are not deep fried? Try their King of Wings, grilled to perfection with BBQ sauce!

All Star Wings and Ribs

Located at Rutherford Road and Jane Street, All Star Wings and Ribs serves up an excellent menu that can satisfy any palette.   They serve a nice variety of appetizers, great entrees and salads, but they really specialize in three areas.  Their ribs, their loaded fries and of course, their wings.  Their ribs come in the baby back or the bronto variety, bronto being beef ribs, and they are sauced in their amazing bbq.  Their loaded fries, in their menu section called Way to Go Idaho, are just mouthwatering.  You can get them with a wide variety of combinations, including gravy and cheese, Hail Caesar fries, Zinger fries (Spicy) Arahova fries which are topped with tzatziki sauce, and my favourite, the 10 dollar fries which are topped with tons of cheese, gravy, bacon bits and 8 ounces of Certified Angus Beef.  Those are a meal in themselves!  Where All Star’s really blows away your taste buds is in their wings.  They have over 150 different flavours that offer some new options to your wing eating experience.  They have them neatly organized from non-spicy to the spiciest, and everything in between.  I really cannot go into describing all the flavours because there are so many of them, but you can always find something you will like.  While some have some obscure names, you can ask your waitress and they will let you know what flavour combinations they got.  And if you like spicy, well then you are in luck, because they have some flavours that combine heat with flavour that will have you sweating and enjoying them!  Also, if you want straight heat, they have some stupidly hot wings that are try at your own risk.  Seriously, you have to sign a waiver! Anyway, grab your team, grab your friends and come see what all the hype is about at All Star Wings and Ribs!
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