Boneyard Grill

Address: 10 Disera Drive

Tel: (905) 762-0825


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The ribs are where its at, delicately sauced and grilled to the highest standards! Also, you HAVE to get the Onion Brick as an appetizer for everyone to try!

Boneyard Grill

The Boneyard Grill is a Smokehouse located just north of the Promenade mall. The Boneyard Grill is aptly named, since once you are done eating there will be piles of rib and wings bones! The food here is southern grill inspired. The appetizers are what you expect at a smokehouse, with some new options. They have Miami Short Ribs and a deep fried onion brick which is the one thing EVERYONE has to try there, because it is delicious! Once you get into the main courses, this is where the real goodies are. The BBQ sauce is ridiculously flavourful and all the meats are grilled and basted to perfection. For wings they have the pork back ribs and they also serve up Beef Ribs as well. The Boneyard also serves up some steak, grilled just the way you like it with all the fixings on the side. In the chicken department they have wings and whole chickens that are served by the 1/4 or 1/2. And of course, they have 100% sirloin burgers! They have many varieties of burgers including the Crunchy Juicy Lucy, stuffed with cheddar and topped with crispy potato chips! They also have a vegetarian burger and some fish options if you are not into meat! So come on down to the Boneyard Grill and start making your own pile of bones!
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