Cookie Crumble Cafe

All About Cookie Crumble Cafe

 10480 Islington Avenue, Vaughan

+1 905 893 2250

Cuisine TypeCafe, Desserts

Famous ForIce Cream, Espresso, Pies, Cakes

Signature Item: Cookies

Remwaldo’s Review

 Kleinburg is a quaint little town filled with quaint shops and cafes. No shop is quaniter (is that even a word?) than the Cookie Crumble Cafe. The CCC does some excellent desserts along with some breakfast and lunch items. They make some nice grilled paninis if you are looking for a quick bite. They also serve up some breakfast dishes. But the CCC specializes in Desserts and Coffees. It is the best place in Kleinburg to sit down and enjoy a nice espresso or cappuccino along with some sweets. So come on by and sit down and enjoy one of the best cappuccinos in town!

Remwaldo Recommends

Remwaldo Recommends

Grab a few friends, a cappuccino and share some of the wonderful cookies, pies and other delectable treats!




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