The Symposium Cafe

Address: 31 Colossus Drive

Tel: 905-265-1099

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You gotta try their Signature Eggs Benedict for Breakfast! In for dinner? Give their Mediterranean Grilled Tilapia a whirl! It goes great with a glass of Chardonnay!

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The Symposium Cafe can be anything you want it to be. People meet here for various reasons; and the menu at Symposium can cater to all your needs. One group of people can be sitting down enjoying some coffees, and right next to them a group enjoying a bottle of wine and some steaks. Still more people come for their breakfast options, and their awesome desserts which include in house made crepes and waffles. Their patio is a great spot to sip all their various summer drinks on, enjoy some snacks with some friends and hold deep philosophical discussions. (Or just the latest gossip) So if your hungry, want a dessert, a coffee, breakfast or just a cold drink, come on down and check out Symposium because they can satisfy whatever you so desire in a comfortable and chic environment!
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